E-learning is a type of learning conducted digitally via electronic media, typically involving the internet. It can be accessed via most electronic devices including a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it a versatile and easy way for students to learn wherever they are


Importance of E-Learning

E-learning has been introduced to empower learners to get basic schooling and enhance skills. Also, they can obtain a degree certificate, without actually attending school or university or any other institution. For tutors, it is a great source of earning, wherein they can teach from anywhere in their preferred time. Applying e-learning to all levels of schooling helped to ensure students grasp the lessons adequately at a faster pace. According to psychology, the audio-visual method of teaching leads to a disciplined learning environment. There are an effective tutor and student engagements. One of the importance of e-learning in education is that tutors and participants both can develop advanced learning skills. For example, creating and selling ebooks is one such advancement. E-learning has worked towards bringing learners, tutors, experts, practitioners, and other interest groups to one place. Thus, there is a good practice of knowledge sharing followed through different online platforms. This is important in current times as competition is rising and the world is also growing. Hence, quick information helps in the better growth of an individual.