Structure of TCPC Cell

The Structure of TCPC Cell set up at Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Jind is as Under:-

Name of Officer/Official Designation Incumbents
1 Sh. Anil Kumar Asstt.Apprenticeship Advisor Chairman
2 Sh.Rajbir Singh J.A. & P.O. Member
3 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Apprenticeship Instructor Member
4 Sh. Harish Kumar Math Instructor Member

The post of APO is vacant, the Vice Principal of the ITI will excusively look after the functions, role and responsibilities of the TCPC Cell. The Principal of the institute who was designated as Assistant Apprenticeship Advisor under the Apprenticeship Act will not make any field visit for the purpose of apprenticeship Act will not make any field visit for the purpose of apprenticeship and the member-secretery of the TCPC Cell discharge all the functions, role and responsibilities through th ecell being created under the supervision of Chairman.

Functions of TCPC Cell

  • Organize campus interviews for recruitment of trainees.
  • Maintain details of all trainees.
  • Collect the recruitment of skilled workforce of industries
  • Provide counselling & carrier guidence to trainees by professionals & experts
  • Do skill gap mapping & provide skill gap training to trainees.
  • Keep track of the passed out trainees till they are employed at least for 3 years.
  • Conduct survey in industries for apprenticeship training & to find out employment potential.
  • Work like employment exchange.
  • Publicity center of excellence scheme.

Developed By :- Smt. Suman Redhu (COPA-Instructor) & Parveen Dhiman(Student) GOVT.ITI.JIND